Release of “Daylight” Has Been Delayed

Daylight, a new open world zombie MMO has been delayed. This was shocking to most as Daylight has been known to the public for the last two years, the game has been in development since Zombie Studios released Dead Island 2. Two years is a short period of time to learn a new software, complete an open world game while having an incredible experience. This is why Zombie Studios announced today that Daylight will be delayed for another six months, with the help of Aftermath Productions they’ll be able to complete the game three months after its original release date which is better than the one year delay Zombie Studios would have had to take if Aftermath Productions wasn’t involved.

daylight logo

Daylight stands as an open world zombie Massive Multiplayer Online Game. You can choose to play this game through the regular campaign mode or you can choose to hope into the multiplayer version of this game which allows for you to play with three other players just as Left 4 Dead did. The new MMO boasts incredible new visuals which allows for everything in the game to resemble real life. You will see the shadows of moving bags in the air or you will see the trees change with the breeze, it makes for an open world experience that hasn’t ever been developed for a zombie game before.

You can expect Daylight to be released on the 2014 Christmas Season.

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