Nude Streaker At Rugby Match

Fans of the New Zealand and England Rugby teams were in for a surprise today after a man took it upon himself to run around the field naked. New Zealand and England have never had a nude streaker appear at one of their football matches, rugby matches, hockey games or any sport really. These countries both stand for honor which is why this news came as such a shock to the mass majority.

Rugby Pitch

The man was able to run around the field for nearly one minute before he was tackled by three different security guards. The man tried to wiggle himself away from the security guards, you could clearly tell that the security guards were trying to gain a hold of this man without actually having to touch a large portion of his body. This resulted in the antics continuing for another minute before finally the security guards lost their patience and held the man down, forcing him off of the field in the process.

The man who ran around the field naked was Brad Hempopo, an employee at the stadium where this rugby match was taking place. Mr. Hempopo is also a rugby player, it is suspected that he holds some sort of anger towards either one of these teams and this is why he did these foolish actions today. It is unknown as to what Brad Hempopo has been charged with or if he has been fined. We’ll keep you informed as updates make our way.

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