Snookie Played Rugby

Snookie, a mother of two and a wife revealed today that she used to be an avid rugby player back when she was in college. Snookie actually was in college to be a therapist when she was drafted to the Jersey Shore as a regular, Snookie held nineties in all of her classes before she became the star that she is known as today. Snookie revealed that she was only able to go to college due to a rugby scholarship she was able gain days before her high school career was about to end.


After being a rugby college player for two and a half years the Jersey Shore was holding auditions for woman with attitude. All of Snookie’s friends said that she should audition for the show as she does the perfect impression of woman with attitude, Snookie had never considered acting before but none the less she took her friends advice and auditioned for the show. Snookie ended up getting the part and her stardom sky rocketed in a matter of weeks once the show was released. She had people coming up to her for autographs and saying some of her favorite lines back to here. None of these people at the time realized that Jersey Shore was a scripted reality show.

Snookie also noted in her reveal to eTalk that she wishes she could join up in a league again and play the game one last time but due to her children she doesn’t have the time for it.

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