Senior Cop Targets Rugby

The San Francisco Police Department revealed that they have had to fire one of their senior cops on the spot due to a revelation that disturbed everyone in San Francisco. It was revealed that an unknown senior cop had a detailed plan to take the lives of multiple woman at the Woman’s Rugby World Cup in London, England.


This senior cop had been working on this plan since 2010. He was first going to take a flight to London, England which afterwards he would meet with an unknown assailant to receive a series of automatic machine guns. He then was going to meet up with an employee at the stadium where he would dress up as a fellow employee, upon which he would enter the stadium and start unloading onto the players. He also had plans to unload upon the crowd and then kill himself in the process.

This information came to light when his former friend Detective James Canary attended his home. While making his way upstairs to the bathroom he noticed the custom plan written in a journal. Being a detective it peaked his interest to see what his friend might be writing, could it possibly be a novel? and then to his surprise it was a detailed plan to kill the lives of innocent civilians. Upon learning of this research he returned downstairs and without warning placed the Senior Cop under arrest.

None of the names connected to the plan will be released by the San Francisco Police Department. Luckily the senior cop never made it out of the door to the airport.

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