South Africa’s Captain Banned

The Captain for the South African Rugby Team, Mandisa Williams has been granted a sixteen week ban from all official Rugby Matches that South Africa will play. The reason for this is because she was acting on impulse, attacking all those who opposed her and she was fined with foul play. The result of her actions giving her a sixteen week ban.

There are those who believe that during the second match she was beyond angry due to losing the first match against Australia. She was forcibly making her way through the field, anyone who tried to block her was thrown to the ground in a matter of seconds. She then took it to another level and then started to attack players with her fist or elbow. She struck two separate players on the Australian team during their second match in the eyes. The player who took the elbow to the eye has lost a good amount of her vision and won’t be able to play for the rest of the season.

When asked why she did what she did Miss. Williams said this, “I could care less if I have been banned for sixteen weeks. The fact of the matter is the Australia paid off referees for the first, second and however many matches they played. We were getting illegal calls when they didn’t even happen on the field. No one else in the league has bothered to make mention of that because they fear that the referees will do the same thing to them during their matches. It’s a joke and I’d rather not play if that be the case.”

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