BT Charity Shield Game

The Rugby Premier League recently held at event called “The BT Charity Shield Game” at “The Green yards”. The premier league did this in hopes that they would be able to earn money for breast cancer around the European Union. Their expectations were more than met at this special charity event was able to earn 3.2 Million Euro’s for breast cancer research.


The game took place against various other players in the league known for their immense skill and the premier leagues champion team. The result was one of the best rugby matches seen in the last decade, it has now been viewed by millions upon millions of people across the European Union. It has even triggered funding from anonymous donors, earning the Breast Cancer Research Foundation an extra 1 Million Euro’s.

The Rugby Premier League is now considering making the “BT Charity Shield Game” an annual match up that will take place every season. This mimics things that the Football Premier League has done in the past and it shows that these stars are willing to damage themselves in the name of earning money for those who are in need of it.

The game can still be viewed online through various websites that host this match up. You can also make a donation by going to the European Union Breast Cancer Research Foundation and clicking on the donate button. Every dollar counts as that dollar could be the difference between finding the cure for breast cancer, to find out more information just search the foundation on Google and they’ll have everything you need.

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