Potbellied Pigs Rugby Stars

The Potbellied Pigs, a famous rugby team in Hong Kong recently held a charity event which would allow for them to earn money to donate to a variety of different children based charities. The Potbellied Pigs used their fame as rugby players, the pigs being one of the best rugby teams in all of Hong Kong.

The pot belly pigs

The pigs had this idea for months but had to spend a large amount of time planning out this charity. The Pigs first had to get various other rugby teams to join in on the fun as they wanted to hold a tournament, all proceeds going towards these various charities. Eventually the famous rugby team was able to get a total of sixteen teams to join in on the fun, twelve of those teams being foreign and the other four being local.

Rugby players from countries such as New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines all participated in the event. In total they were able to earn P5.6 Million for children in the Philippines. These are the exact kind of actions which have allowed for the Potbellied Pigs to become as popular as they are, this move will only increase their growth in the Hong Kong & Philippines community.

Chris Simpson, the director of Charity Golf which is a company that holds these events said, “Every single cent (collected) goes straight to Philippine charities for the junior rugby development project, feeding program, medical missions, scholarships and charities like Bahay Bata and Duyan ni Mama, among others,”

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