Rugby Teams Keep Their Heads Down During Riot

The Southland Rugby Team, Tokanui Big Rock Cougars were caught in a political spill this passing weekend. The Cougars were up in a hotel in Mar Del Plata, a city roughly four hundred kilometres from Buenos Aires. A riot occurred outside of their hotel, this riot caused the death of one taxi driver and saw dozens of people injured in life critical conditions. The hotel was shut down and locked from the inside which meant that the players were unharmed from this event.

Southland Rugby Team

It appears that the Mar Del Pata, Hotel Provincial has undergone major damage on the first and second floor. Windows have been smashed, graffiti is all over the walls of the hotel and blood is poured on the side walk. It’s unknown as to what specifically started this event, what we do know is that there has been a large amount of political issues occurring in Argentina.

The Takanui Big Rock Cougars are still going to be playing in their next match against the Stuffed Hawks. The Hotel has been re-opened and their welcome to leave as they want. There is also news that a fifteen year old boy was the cause of this specific riot and that he got into an argument with his family over his political interests. This sparked yelling which got neighbors evolved and everything escalated at an incredible rate.

We’ll keep you updated on any more information that is announced regarding the political turmoil in Argentina.

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