Rugby Simulator

Rugby is an immensely popular sport in the United Kingdom & European Union. Millions of people in Europe tune in every week to watch their favorite players defend themselves against their opponents. Rugby is an extremely physical game which requires strength & stamina, this is why people enjoy Rugby to the point that it’s spawned movies based off the sport & Television shows as well.

HB Studios

There are those who can’t play Rugby due to certain issues they might have with an injury from their past. This can be depressing if you used to live an active life. This is why a Canadian Developer by the name of “HB Studios” is developing a Rugby Simulator for all of the consoles currently available on the market. Through this simulator you can play the Aviva Rugby Premiership & play all twelve teams from the Guinness Pro 12 Series.

HB Studios hasn’t developed a Rugby Simulator for more than eight years which is why this simulator has been delayed until January of 2015. This is only a few months away but it’s still a disappoint for true fans of the series. Regardless their taking this extra time in order to better hone the visuals and gameplay, allowing for the simulator to be a realistic as it can be with current technology. We will keep you informed on all updates released regarding when Rugby 15 will be released and what this simulator will entail in gameplay, visuals & tournaments.

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