£1 Billion In Revenue

The Rugby World Cup will be coming to the “Millennium Stadium” in Cardiff, UK in 2015. This came as a big shock to many as Cardiff is a small city but none the less they hold a beautiful rugby stadium which sits on a lake. The natural beauty of its location is the reason as to why Cardiff was chosen as the host for the 2014 Rugby World Cup.


An Economic Study was commissioned by the Cardiff City Government in order to find out how much revenue it’ll bring to the city. The total amount is £316 but on the other hand the total revenue to come from the Rugby World Cup for the United Kingdom is one billion euro’s. This is an incredible amount of money that will allow for the economy in the United Kingdom to prosper for a number of months. There is no word as to what teams will be playing at the 2015 Rugby World Cup as it is still months away.

None the less bringing the world cup of rugby to Cardiff will allow for them to be placed on the map and if this game is historic they’ll have a constant flow of tourism for a number of years to come. A major amount of revenue can be brought in from this announcement. We shall keep you updated on if anything changes with the venue location for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, hopefully it doesn’t as Cardiff is a small town that would do good with the money they earn from tourism.

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