Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a well known actor and director in the world of Hollywood. He has played in the clerks movie series, he is known for his character and the creation of “Jay & Silent Bob”. He is also known for directing a series of incredible films and being a supporter for the nerd regime across Northern America. It seems that Mr. Smith realizes that hockey comedies are making a comeback after Sean William Scott starred in “Goon”. This is why there are a series of rumors floating around the movie industry that Kevin Smith could potentially be directing a new hockey comedy in the upcoming year of 2015.

K Smith

This would prove to be a majorly great announcement if this is confirmed by Kevin Smith himself in the near future. It means that we would be getting a brutal yet hysterical hockey film that could potentially grasp our emotions as well. Unfortunately all this potential film is are rumors currently. The last film that Kevin Smith notably worked in was “Jay & Silent Boy Get Irish” which was an hilarious film that received positive reviews from all of his fans.

We shall inform you if anything changes with Kevin Smith and his potential hockey film. We know that he is currently working and filming as the executive producer on “Clerks 3” which is sure to be a major hit when it is released in the upcoming years. Those wanting to find out more about Kevin Smith can enjoy any number of his comedy films available in stores today.

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