Moala Given 40 Hours Community Service

George Moala, a professional rugby player from the Blues has been found guilty of a serious misconduct he committed earlier on in 2012. In return this New Zealand Rugby player has been given forty hours of community service by New Zealand Rugby which he agreed to with no issues what so ever.

George Moala

When you are in a professional sporting league it’s required that you adhere to a certain level of professionalism. In December of 2012 Mr. Moala was in an Auckland bar when he got into a serious altercation in which he caused serious damage to his attacked. Luckily Moala wasn’t sent to prison for his actions but has only been given forty hours of community service thanks to the very same sports league he works for. The New Zealand Authorities agreed to let them take over this manner personally which allowed for Mr. Moala to be saved from potential imprisonment.

The General Manager for New Zealand Rugby noted that the damage that Moala committed, the reputation he brought onto his team and the embarrassment he brought onto the league is a serious misconduct. Though this is a statement that needed to be professional said, Rugby is a sport where physical violence is a factor and encouraged by coaches. Anything less is considered not playing the full game. If it was a true misconduct Mr. Moala would have been given a much harsher sentence or community service time.

We shall let you know if any other outcomes come from this issue in 2012.

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