Incredible 12 Hour Rugby Charity Succeeds!

Hundreds upon hundreds of people from around Kingsclere took place in an incredibly gruesome twelve hour challenge, playing rugby the entire day in order to bring in a large amount of pounds for two separate good causes. Prizes were given out, candy, snack vendors, food vendors and drink vendors all were they as well donating their proceeds to the event.


The Kingsclere Rugby Club took it upon themselves to hold this twelve hour touch rugby charity tournament between 9am to 9pm. The entire day was spent earning money for SOFT UK & Turner Syndrome Support Society, the SOFT UK charity relates to Patau’s Syndrome. This syndrome is a chromosome disorder which caused for severe mental and physical impairment, so much so that death at a young age is common. Unfortunately this disease isn’t commonly researched due to the mass amount of funding needed to research a cure for this disorder.
The Turner Syndrome Support Society relates to Turn Syndrome which also occurs from birth. This is a commonly researched disorder which is curable. It relates to woman & causes for an overgrown neck. It doesn’t take long to reverse the process but funding is still needed in order to create better treatments for the children.

Luckily this charity event was able to bring in 12,000 Pounds which will be split evenly between the two charities. The United Kingdom is known for holding dozens upon dozens of charity events around the country on a weekly basis. Truly astonishing that as a people it’s embodied in their culture to help one another with whatever issues they might have.

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