Cape Town Rugby Players Break Down in Tears

Cape Town, New Zealand is a city which is known for having citizens who are tough and out of those tough citizens it is the rugby players of the city who stand as the toughest. Rugby is a sport of endurance, brutality, strength and strong mental willpower. Unfortunately it seems that due to a mass amount of racial abuse several of these female players broke down into tears.

Cape Town, New Zealand

Ellis Park, a well-known field within Cape Town is becoming known for their racial abuse. Every time someone who isn’t of the Caucasian Race has arrived to the park of recent they’ve been abused by racial slurs, cans being thrown at them and garbage. Most players didn’t break for the majority of the game but once the other team’s coach asked the Christchurch Club players to leave in order to put this issue to an end they broke down in tears. The reasoning for this is because instead of the other team stopping the fans from making their racial comments and more they instead chose to allow for them to win, thus by showing they allow for racism. This matter isn’t being dealt with lightly though as Cape Town law enforcement are launching an investigation into the manner and those in the stands who committed the serious acts of racism will be put into custody.

At least this shows that the law enforcement of Cape Town, New Zealand isn’t willing to allow for their city to become filled with racism as it’ll just cause for the country to look poorly down the road. It is hopeful that at some point that this type of behavior will be eradicated.