London Olympic Rugby Stadium Dampened

Rugby is by far one of the more intense sports known to man, often major injuries occur when playing this game. It seems that this occurred once again when the London Olympic Rugby Stadium sprinklers went off for more than five minutes straight after the first half of the game. This posed a major issues to players as the fake grass was now wet, causing for potential bad falls or injuries.

London Olympic Rugby Stadium

There were a number of players who went through the process of falling down to the ground, injuring an ankle or wrist in the process. During the second half the sprinklers went off once again, showing that this was indeed an issue with a stadium. It was later revealed that these sprinklers timers were off and that the stadiums sprinklers need to be replaced as the whole system is beyond repair.

None the less with all of these issues Samoa, the winning team of this stadium’s first Olympic Rugby match up beat the Barbarians by three points. The final score of 27-24, this was apparently once of the most exciting matches that a lot of fans in the stadium had ever seen. This being thanks to the extra effort players had to make due to the sprinklers going off. Apparently all other games at the stadium have been canceled until the sprinklers are fixed. Apparently this’ll only take three days, allowing for only one game to be canceled and for fans to remain happy. None the less this match up was apparently enjoyed by all in the stadium.