Rugby Could Become Banned in Toronto Schools

Rugby is a sport which requires tremendous physical effort but amongst that physical effort there can also be serious issues. Rugby is known to be the sport which has the highest percentage of broken bones, concussions and life threatening injuries. These statics have once again become apparent to the “Toronto District School Board” which is why Rugby could become a cancelled sport in Toronto Schools.

Toronto District School Board

Many parents & students are fighting this though as ultimately Rugby isn’t played on the same level as professional players, far less injuries occur and those injuries that do occur are minor. Parents are stating that this is just an excuse for the TDSB to cancel yet another school program in order to place more money into the teacher’s pockets.

This isn’t the only program that has been cancelled in schools recently. This year alone the TDSB has canceled the breakfast programs for children which parents would have to pay for. This simply shows that the teachers are progressively getting lazier with their jobs. Teachers have also refused to take children on school trips anymore, saying that is requires far more attention than they can provide.

This is hilarious as previously back in the 90’s & early 00’s when classes were just as large as they are today teachers were able to handle all responsibilities and more. It seems that those who become a teacher now do it out of greed and not out of love for the children. Canadian Citizens everywhere hope that the government stops giving into their demands.