Rugby Being Changed by School Students

Rugby is a sport that hasn’t always been popular in America. When thinking of American sports the first thing that comes to mind if football, basketball, alcohol, violence and so much more negative things. Luckily though one group of young teenagers from the Memphis High School have now entered international news.

Memphis High School

Due to the lack of this sports popularity there are very few schools which provide it to their children as a choice. What these schools don’t know is that rugby is by far the least expensive professional sport and most active one. Many would disagree but all that is needed for rugby is a ball and a patch of grass. It also stands as the most active sport available to be played today as rugby players must run the length & distance of a soccer field while being tackled down to the ground like a football player. Except they have none of the gear a football player would and it provides the children a rush like none other.

Rugby tackles are designed in a different manner than football as well, their designed to provide softer cushioning when falling to the ground so that physical injuries are far less likely. These high school students started their rugby team only in 2014, losing every game in their first season. Now they’ve won every game in their 2015 season and three players have even gone to become National All-Stars.

Many of these players have been tackled to the ground & received no injuries. Due to the cost effective, health benefits and more there seems to be hundreds of schools around the USA considering rugby as a potential sport. These students could’ve rebirthed the sport in high schools.