New Zealand Rugby’s Popularity Increases

New Zealand is a country known for is harsh climates, its vast array of eco-systems and its durable people. It appears that as the people of New Zealand continue to battle against the odds, in their daily lives they must have more of a challenge as well. This has been made evident from the start of 2015. The New Zealand Rugby League for instance has had an increase in 163 registering to play the game since 2014. This is a big increase as normally only a small amount.

New Zealand

The most notable change is that a large portion of men have resigned from the sport while females continue to sign up to play by mass numbers. During 2014 there were 17,825 female players in the league but as of 2015 there are 19,891. This is an increase of more than two thousand females registering for the league, something that the league is proud of. Advertisements for the league now focus more heavily on woman than they do on men.

Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, it is the most played and beloved sport in the country. As the league continues to rise in popularity it means this sport will become more popular throughout the world. Anyone interested to play rugby will find that there are more than enough local leagues around for people to enjoy. Leagues that play at an amateur level and then leagues that play at aprofessional level. Find one today to experience it all.