Rugby Star Violates Childrens Rights

UNICEF has now accused a Rugby World Star of violating rights of children after releasing a series of disturbing photos of dead children. Sonny Bill Williams, the man whom is being accused is a part of the New Zealand Rugby Team, a team which just won the Rugby World Cup. This accusation will surely place this player in hot water with the media, his fans & possibly even people he knows.


Recently Mr. Williams went to Syria to visit the refugee camps near Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. It was him himself who took the photos of these two bloody, deformed bodies of children and tweeted it on Monday. This shocked not only UNICEF but many others as children, young adults & adults all alike follow him on Twitter. These images are offensive to these children & young adults whom shouldn’t have to witness such graphic images at a young age.

It appears that the majority of his fans started to bash this rugby star via Twitter for this tweet. Many noting that he should’ve posted a link instead of the picture directly & provided a warning to the graphic material. UNICEF has also done their best to contact Williams about these photo’s but from what Unicef has stated this young star isn’t speaking with them as of right now.

Hopefully Sonny realizes the extent of his actions, that children and young adults everywhere could become horrified by those graphic images, that what he did was immature to his fans. Providing information is needed for the Syrian war but doing it in a graphic manner will only have people turn their eyes from the issue.