Cardiac Risk & Alzheimer’s Charities Go Off!

The Wasps Champions Cup Rugby Game was taken over by two different charities this week. The “Youth Cardiac Risk Society” and the “Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland” both put their efforts together in order to raise proceeds for both of these serious issues. The people of Ireland shows no signs of hate at this championship game as they donated fruitfully to the charities. This isn’t surprising as at previous charities events in the country, the people have showcased their willing to give away their riches to those in need of it.

Wasps Champions Cup Rugby1

Together both of these charities raised €5,000 by texting “JUMPER” to 50300, this would allow for an instant €4 donation to be made & credited to the donators account. There were also volunteers from both charities standing at the food stands & halls with charity buckets. This means together they made €10,000. This is just shy of $18,000 in Canadian dollars. It’s good to know that charity still survives & good can come from even the roughest of sports.

These charities were only possible thanks for the “Leinster Rugby Charity”, which works with other charities at no cost or donation. The leaders of this charity use their impressive connections in order to get honest charities the chance they need to earn to raise some serious money. Thanks to them this money will be used towards research & hospice care.

Anyone wishing to donate to either one of these charities can go directly to their websites and make a donation. The cause your donating to is honorable to say the least and those who work at these charities are volunteers.