£1 Billion In Revenue

The Rugby World Cup will be coming to the “Millennium Stadium” in Cardiff, UK in 2015. This came as a big shock to many as Cardiff is a small city but none the less they hold a beautiful rugby stadium which sits on a lake. The natural beauty of its location is the reason as to why Cardiff was chosen as the host for the 2014 Rugby World Cup.


An Economic Study was commissioned by the Cardiff City Government in order to find out how much revenue it’ll bring to the city. The total amount is £316 but on the other hand the total revenue to come from the Rugby World Cup for the United Kingdom is one billion euro’s. This is an incredible amount of money that will allow for the economy in the United Kingdom to prosper for a number of months. There is no word as to what teams will be playing at the 2015 Rugby World Cup as it is still months away.

None the less bringing the world cup of rugby to Cardiff will allow for them to be placed on the map and if this game is historic they’ll have a constant flow of tourism for a number of years to come. A major amount of revenue can be brought in from this announcement. We shall keep you updated on if anything changes with the venue location for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, hopefully it doesn’t as Cardiff is a small town that would do good with the money they earn from tourism.

Rugby Simulator

Rugby is an immensely popular sport in the United Kingdom & European Union. Millions of people in Europe tune in every week to watch their favorite players defend themselves against their opponents. Rugby is an extremely physical game which requires strength & stamina, this is why people enjoy Rugby to the point that it’s spawned movies based off the sport & Television shows as well.

HB Studios

There are those who can’t play Rugby due to certain issues they might have with an injury from their past. This can be depressing if you used to live an active life. This is why a Canadian Developer by the name of “HB Studios” is developing a Rugby Simulator for all of the consoles currently available on the market. Through this simulator you can play the Aviva Rugby Premiership & play all twelve teams from the Guinness Pro 12 Series.

HB Studios hasn’t developed a Rugby Simulator for more than eight years which is why this simulator has been delayed until January of 2015. This is only a few months away but it’s still a disappoint for true fans of the series. Regardless their taking this extra time in order to better hone the visuals and gameplay, allowing for the simulator to be a realistic as it can be with current technology. We will keep you informed on all updates released regarding when Rugby 15 will be released and what this simulator will entail in gameplay, visuals & tournaments.

Rugby Teams Keep Their Heads Down During Riot

The Southland Rugby Team, Tokanui Big Rock Cougars were caught in a political spill this passing weekend. The Cougars were up in a hotel in Mar Del Plata, a city roughly four hundred kilometres from Buenos Aires. A riot occurred outside of their hotel, this riot caused the death of one taxi driver and saw dozens of people injured in life critical conditions. The hotel was shut down and locked from the inside which meant that the players were unharmed from this event.

Southland Rugby Team

It appears that the Mar Del Pata, Hotel Provincial has undergone major damage on the first and second floor. Windows have been smashed, graffiti is all over the walls of the hotel and blood is poured on the side walk. It’s unknown as to what specifically started this event, what we do know is that there has been a large amount of political issues occurring in Argentina.

The Takanui Big Rock Cougars are still going to be playing in their next match against the Stuffed Hawks. The Hotel has been re-opened and their welcome to leave as they want. There is also news that a fifteen year old boy was the cause of this specific riot and that he got into an argument with his family over his political interests. This sparked yelling which got neighbors evolved and everything escalated at an incredible rate.

We’ll keep you updated on any more information that is announced regarding the political turmoil in Argentina.

Potbellied Pigs Rugby Stars

The Potbellied Pigs, a famous rugby team in Hong Kong recently held a charity event which would allow for them to earn money to donate to a variety of different children based charities. The Potbellied Pigs used their fame as rugby players, the pigs being one of the best rugby teams in all of Hong Kong.

The pot belly pigs

The pigs had this idea for months but had to spend a large amount of time planning out this charity. The Pigs first had to get various other rugby teams to join in on the fun as they wanted to hold a tournament, all proceeds going towards these various charities. Eventually the famous rugby team was able to get a total of sixteen teams to join in on the fun, twelve of those teams being foreign and the other four being local.

Rugby players from countries such as New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines all participated in the event. In total they were able to earn P5.6 Million for children in the Philippines. These are the exact kind of actions which have allowed for the Potbellied Pigs to become as popular as they are, this move will only increase their growth in the Hong Kong & Philippines community.

Chris Simpson, the director of Charity Golf which is a company that holds these events said, “Every single cent (collected) goes straight to Philippine charities for the junior rugby development project, feeding program, medical missions, scholarships and charities like Bahay Bata and Duyan ni Mama, among others,”

BT Charity Shield Game

The Rugby Premier League recently held at event called “The BT Charity Shield Game” at “The Green yards”. The premier league did this in hopes that they would be able to earn money for breast cancer around the European Union. Their expectations were more than met at this special charity event was able to earn 3.2 Million Euro’s for breast cancer research.


The game took place against various other players in the league known for their immense skill and the premier leagues champion team. The result was one of the best rugby matches seen in the last decade, it has now been viewed by millions upon millions of people across the European Union. It has even triggered funding from anonymous donors, earning the Breast Cancer Research Foundation an extra 1 Million Euro’s.

The Rugby Premier League is now considering making the “BT Charity Shield Game” an annual match up that will take place every season. This mimics things that the Football Premier League has done in the past and it shows that these stars are willing to damage themselves in the name of earning money for those who are in need of it.

The game can still be viewed online through various websites that host this match up. You can also make a donation by going to the European Union Breast Cancer Research Foundation and clicking on the donate button. Every dollar counts as that dollar could be the difference between finding the cure for breast cancer, to find out more information just search the foundation on Google and they’ll have everything you need.

Senior Cop Targets Rugby

The San Francisco Police Department revealed that they have had to fire one of their senior cops on the spot due to a revelation that disturbed everyone in San Francisco. It was revealed that an unknown senior cop had a detailed plan to take the lives of multiple woman at the Woman’s Rugby World Cup in London, England.


This senior cop had been working on this plan since 2010. He was first going to take a flight to London, England which afterwards he would meet with an unknown assailant to receive a series of automatic machine guns. He then was going to meet up with an employee at the stadium where he would dress up as a fellow employee, upon which he would enter the stadium and start unloading onto the players. He also had plans to unload upon the crowd and then kill himself in the process.

This information came to light when his former friend Detective James Canary attended his home. While making his way upstairs to the bathroom he noticed the custom plan written in a journal. Being a detective it peaked his interest to see what his friend might be writing, could it possibly be a novel? and then to his surprise it was a detailed plan to kill the lives of innocent civilians. Upon learning of this research he returned downstairs and without warning placed the Senior Cop under arrest.

None of the names connected to the plan will be released by the San Francisco Police Department. Luckily the senior cop never made it out of the door to the airport.

South Africa’s Captain Banned

The Captain for the South African Rugby Team, Mandisa Williams has been granted a sixteen week ban from all official Rugby Matches that South Africa will play. The reason for this is because she was acting on impulse, attacking all those who opposed her and she was fined with foul play. The result of her actions giving her a sixteen week ban.

There are those who believe that during the second match she was beyond angry due to losing the first match against Australia. She was forcibly making her way through the field, anyone who tried to block her was thrown to the ground in a matter of seconds. She then took it to another level and then started to attack players with her fist or elbow. She struck two separate players on the Australian team during their second match in the eyes. The player who took the elbow to the eye has lost a good amount of her vision and won’t be able to play for the rest of the season.

When asked why she did what she did Miss. Williams said this, “I could care less if I have been banned for sixteen weeks. The fact of the matter is the Australia paid off referees for the first, second and however many matches they played. We were getting illegal calls when they didn’t even happen on the field. No one else in the league has bothered to make mention of that because they fear that the referees will do the same thing to them during their matches. It’s a joke and I’d rather not play if that be the case.”

Snookie Played Rugby

Snookie, a mother of two and a wife revealed today that she used to be an avid rugby player back when she was in college. Snookie actually was in college to be a therapist when she was drafted to the Jersey Shore as a regular, Snookie held nineties in all of her classes before she became the star that she is known as today. Snookie revealed that she was only able to go to college due to a rugby scholarship she was able gain days before her high school career was about to end.


After being a rugby college player for two and a half years the Jersey Shore was holding auditions for woman with attitude. All of Snookie’s friends said that she should audition for the show as she does the perfect impression of woman with attitude, Snookie had never considered acting before but none the less she took her friends advice and auditioned for the show. Snookie ended up getting the part and her stardom sky rocketed in a matter of weeks once the show was released. She had people coming up to her for autographs and saying some of her favorite lines back to here. None of these people at the time realized that Jersey Shore was a scripted reality show.

Snookie also noted in her reveal to eTalk that she wishes she could join up in a league again and play the game one last time but due to her children she doesn’t have the time for it.

Nude Streaker At Rugby Match

Fans of the New Zealand and England Rugby teams were in for a surprise today after a man took it upon himself to run around the field naked. New Zealand and England have never had a nude streaker appear at one of their football matches, rugby matches, hockey games or any sport really. These countries both stand for honor which is why this news came as such a shock to the mass majority.

Rugby Pitch

The man was able to run around the field for nearly one minute before he was tackled by three different security guards. The man tried to wiggle himself away from the security guards, you could clearly tell that the security guards were trying to gain a hold of this man without actually having to touch a large portion of his body. This resulted in the antics continuing for another minute before finally the security guards lost their patience and held the man down, forcing him off of the field in the process.

The man who ran around the field naked was Brad Hempopo, an employee at the stadium where this rugby match was taking place. Mr. Hempopo is also a rugby player, it is suspected that he holds some sort of anger towards either one of these teams and this is why he did these foolish actions today. It is unknown as to what Brad Hempopo has been charged with or if he has been fined. We’ll keep you informed as updates make our way.

Release of “Daylight” Has Been Delayed

Daylight, a new open world zombie MMO has been delayed. This was shocking to most as Daylight has been known to the public for the last two years, the game has been in development since Zombie Studios released Dead Island 2. Two years is a short period of time to learn a new software, complete an open world game while having an incredible experience. This is why Zombie Studios announced today that Daylight will be delayed for another six months, with the help of Aftermath Productions they’ll be able to complete the game three months after its original release date which is better than the one year delay Zombie Studios would have had to take if Aftermath Productions wasn’t involved.

daylight logo

Daylight stands as an open world zombie Massive Multiplayer Online Game. You can choose to play this game through the regular campaign mode or you can choose to hope into the multiplayer version of this game which allows for you to play with three other players just as Left 4 Dead did. The new MMO boasts incredible new visuals which allows for everything in the game to resemble real life. You will see the shadows of moving bags in the air or you will see the trees change with the breeze, it makes for an open world experience that hasn’t ever been developed for a zombie game before.

You can expect Daylight to be released on the 2014 Christmas Season.