Cardiac Risk & Alzheimer’s Charities Go Off!

The Wasps Champions Cup Rugby Game was taken over by two different charities this week. The “Youth Cardiac Risk Society” and the “Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland” both put their efforts together in order to raise proceeds for both of these serious issues. The people of Ireland shows no signs of hate at this championship game as they donated fruitfully to the charities. This isn’t surprising as at previous charities events in the country, the people have showcased their willing to give away their riches to those in need of it.

Wasps Champions Cup Rugby1

Together both of these charities raised €5,000 by texting “JUMPER” to 50300, this would allow for an instant €4 donation to be made & credited to the donators account. There were also volunteers from both charities standing at the food stands & halls with charity buckets. This means together they made €10,000. This is just shy of $18,000 in Canadian dollars. It’s good to know that charity still survives & good can come from even the roughest of sports.

These charities were only possible thanks for the “Leinster Rugby Charity”, which works with other charities at no cost or donation. The leaders of this charity use their impressive connections in order to get honest charities the chance they need to earn to raise some serious money. Thanks to them this money will be used towards research & hospice care.

Anyone wishing to donate to either one of these charities can go directly to their websites and make a donation. The cause your donating to is honorable to say the least and those who work at these charities are volunteers.

Rugby Star Violates Childrens Rights

UNICEF has now accused a Rugby World Star of violating rights of children after releasing a series of disturbing photos of dead children. Sonny Bill Williams, the man whom is being accused is a part of the New Zealand Rugby Team, a team which just won the Rugby World Cup. This accusation will surely place this player in hot water with the media, his fans & possibly even people he knows.


Recently Mr. Williams went to Syria to visit the refugee camps near Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. It was him himself who took the photos of these two bloody, deformed bodies of children and tweeted it on Monday. This shocked not only UNICEF but many others as children, young adults & adults all alike follow him on Twitter. These images are offensive to these children & young adults whom shouldn’t have to witness such graphic images at a young age.

It appears that the majority of his fans started to bash this rugby star via Twitter for this tweet. Many noting that he should’ve posted a link instead of the picture directly & provided a warning to the graphic material. UNICEF has also done their best to contact Williams about these photo’s but from what Unicef has stated this young star isn’t speaking with them as of right now.

Hopefully Sonny realizes the extent of his actions, that children and young adults everywhere could become horrified by those graphic images, that what he did was immature to his fans. Providing information is needed for the Syrian war but doing it in a graphic manner will only have people turn their eyes from the issue.

New Zealand Rugby’s Popularity Increases

New Zealand is a country known for is harsh climates, its vast array of eco-systems and its durable people. It appears that as the people of New Zealand continue to battle against the odds, in their daily lives they must have more of a challenge as well. This has been made evident from the start of 2015. The New Zealand Rugby League for instance has had an increase in 163 registering to play the game since 2014. This is a big increase as normally only a small amount.

New Zealand

The most notable change is that a large portion of men have resigned from the sport while females continue to sign up to play by mass numbers. During 2014 there were 17,825 female players in the league but as of 2015 there are 19,891. This is an increase of more than two thousand females registering for the league, something that the league is proud of. Advertisements for the league now focus more heavily on woman than they do on men.

Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, it is the most played and beloved sport in the country. As the league continues to rise in popularity it means this sport will become more popular throughout the world. Anyone interested to play rugby will find that there are more than enough local leagues around for people to enjoy. Leagues that play at an amateur level and then leagues that play at aprofessional level. Find one today to experience it all.

Rugby Being Changed by School Students

Rugby is a sport that hasn’t always been popular in America. When thinking of American sports the first thing that comes to mind if football, basketball, alcohol, violence and so much more negative things. Luckily though one group of young teenagers from the Memphis High School have now entered international news.

Memphis High School

Due to the lack of this sports popularity there are very few schools which provide it to their children as a choice. What these schools don’t know is that rugby is by far the least expensive professional sport and most active one. Many would disagree but all that is needed for rugby is a ball and a patch of grass. It also stands as the most active sport available to be played today as rugby players must run the length & distance of a soccer field while being tackled down to the ground like a football player. Except they have none of the gear a football player would and it provides the children a rush like none other.

Rugby tackles are designed in a different manner than football as well, their designed to provide softer cushioning when falling to the ground so that physical injuries are far less likely. These high school students started their rugby team only in 2014, losing every game in their first season. Now they’ve won every game in their 2015 season and three players have even gone to become National All-Stars.

Many of these players have been tackled to the ground & received no injuries. Due to the cost effective, health benefits and more there seems to be hundreds of schools around the USA considering rugby as a potential sport. These students could’ve rebirthed the sport in high schools.

Rugby Could Become Banned in Toronto Schools

Rugby is a sport which requires tremendous physical effort but amongst that physical effort there can also be serious issues. Rugby is known to be the sport which has the highest percentage of broken bones, concussions and life threatening injuries. These statics have once again become apparent to the “Toronto District School Board” which is why Rugby could become a cancelled sport in Toronto Schools.

Toronto District School Board

Many parents & students are fighting this though as ultimately Rugby isn’t played on the same level as professional players, far less injuries occur and those injuries that do occur are minor. Parents are stating that this is just an excuse for the TDSB to cancel yet another school program in order to place more money into the teacher’s pockets.

This isn’t the only program that has been cancelled in schools recently. This year alone the TDSB has canceled the breakfast programs for children which parents would have to pay for. This simply shows that the teachers are progressively getting lazier with their jobs. Teachers have also refused to take children on school trips anymore, saying that is requires far more attention than they can provide.

This is hilarious as previously back in the 90’s & early 00’s when classes were just as large as they are today teachers were able to handle all responsibilities and more. It seems that those who become a teacher now do it out of greed and not out of love for the children. Canadian Citizens everywhere hope that the government stops giving into their demands.

London Olympic Rugby Stadium Dampened

Rugby is by far one of the more intense sports known to man, often major injuries occur when playing this game. It seems that this occurred once again when the London Olympic Rugby Stadium sprinklers went off for more than five minutes straight after the first half of the game. This posed a major issues to players as the fake grass was now wet, causing for potential bad falls or injuries.

London Olympic Rugby Stadium

There were a number of players who went through the process of falling down to the ground, injuring an ankle or wrist in the process. During the second half the sprinklers went off once again, showing that this was indeed an issue with a stadium. It was later revealed that these sprinklers timers were off and that the stadiums sprinklers need to be replaced as the whole system is beyond repair.

None the less with all of these issues Samoa, the winning team of this stadium’s first Olympic Rugby match up beat the Barbarians by three points. The final score of 27-24, this was apparently once of the most exciting matches that a lot of fans in the stadium had ever seen. This being thanks to the extra effort players had to make due to the sprinklers going off. Apparently all other games at the stadium have been canceled until the sprinklers are fixed. Apparently this’ll only take three days, allowing for only one game to be canceled and for fans to remain happy. None the less this match up was apparently enjoyed by all in the stadium.

Cape Town Rugby Players Break Down in Tears

Cape Town, New Zealand is a city which is known for having citizens who are tough and out of those tough citizens it is the rugby players of the city who stand as the toughest. Rugby is a sport of endurance, brutality, strength and strong mental willpower. Unfortunately it seems that due to a mass amount of racial abuse several of these female players broke down into tears.

Cape Town, New Zealand

Ellis Park, a well-known field within Cape Town is becoming known for their racial abuse. Every time someone who isn’t of the Caucasian Race has arrived to the park of recent they’ve been abused by racial slurs, cans being thrown at them and garbage. Most players didn’t break for the majority of the game but once the other team’s coach asked the Christchurch Club players to leave in order to put this issue to an end they broke down in tears. The reasoning for this is because instead of the other team stopping the fans from making their racial comments and more they instead chose to allow for them to win, thus by showing they allow for racism. This matter isn’t being dealt with lightly though as Cape Town law enforcement are launching an investigation into the manner and those in the stands who committed the serious acts of racism will be put into custody.

At least this shows that the law enforcement of Cape Town, New Zealand isn’t willing to allow for their city to become filled with racism as it’ll just cause for the country to look poorly down the road. It is hopeful that at some point that this type of behavior will be eradicated.

Incredible 12 Hour Rugby Charity Succeeds!

Hundreds upon hundreds of people from around Kingsclere took place in an incredibly gruesome twelve hour challenge, playing rugby the entire day in order to bring in a large amount of pounds for two separate good causes. Prizes were given out, candy, snack vendors, food vendors and drink vendors all were they as well donating their proceeds to the event.


The Kingsclere Rugby Club took it upon themselves to hold this twelve hour touch rugby charity tournament between 9am to 9pm. The entire day was spent earning money for SOFT UK & Turner Syndrome Support Society, the SOFT UK charity relates to Patau’s Syndrome. This syndrome is a chromosome disorder which caused for severe mental and physical impairment, so much so that death at a young age is common. Unfortunately this disease isn’t commonly researched due to the mass amount of funding needed to research a cure for this disorder.
The Turner Syndrome Support Society relates to Turn Syndrome which also occurs from birth. This is a commonly researched disorder which is curable. It relates to woman & causes for an overgrown neck. It doesn’t take long to reverse the process but funding is still needed in order to create better treatments for the children.

Luckily this charity event was able to bring in 12,000 Pounds which will be split evenly between the two charities. The United Kingdom is known for holding dozens upon dozens of charity events around the country on a weekly basis. Truly astonishing that as a people it’s embodied in their culture to help one another with whatever issues they might have.

Moala Given 40 Hours Community Service

George Moala, a professional rugby player from the Blues has been found guilty of a serious misconduct he committed earlier on in 2012. In return this New Zealand Rugby player has been given forty hours of community service by New Zealand Rugby which he agreed to with no issues what so ever.

George Moala

When you are in a professional sporting league it’s required that you adhere to a certain level of professionalism. In December of 2012 Mr. Moala was in an Auckland bar when he got into a serious altercation in which he caused serious damage to his attacked. Luckily Moala wasn’t sent to prison for his actions but has only been given forty hours of community service thanks to the very same sports league he works for. The New Zealand Authorities agreed to let them take over this manner personally which allowed for Mr. Moala to be saved from potential imprisonment.

The General Manager for New Zealand Rugby noted that the damage that Moala committed, the reputation he brought onto his team and the embarrassment he brought onto the league is a serious misconduct. Though this is a statement that needed to be professional said, Rugby is a sport where physical violence is a factor and encouraged by coaches. Anything less is considered not playing the full game. If it was a true misconduct Mr. Moala would have been given a much harsher sentence or community service time.

We shall let you know if any other outcomes come from this issue in 2012.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a well known actor and director in the world of Hollywood. He has played in the clerks movie series, he is known for his character and the creation of “Jay & Silent Bob”. He is also known for directing a series of incredible films and being a supporter for the nerd regime across Northern America. It seems that Mr. Smith realizes that hockey comedies are making a comeback after Sean William Scott starred in “Goon”. This is why there are a series of rumors floating around the movie industry that Kevin Smith could potentially be directing a new hockey comedy in the upcoming year of 2015.

K Smith

This would prove to be a majorly great announcement if this is confirmed by Kevin Smith himself in the near future. It means that we would be getting a brutal yet hysterical hockey film that could potentially grasp our emotions as well. Unfortunately all this potential film is are rumors currently. The last film that Kevin Smith notably worked in was “Jay & Silent Boy Get Irish” which was an hilarious film that received positive reviews from all of his fans.

We shall inform you if anything changes with Kevin Smith and his potential hockey film. We know that he is currently working and filming as the executive producer on “Clerks 3” which is sure to be a major hit when it is released in the upcoming years. Those wanting to find out more about Kevin Smith can enjoy any number of his comedy films available in stores today.